Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The 20-Minute Stop

Time for a random musing... I haven't done one of these for a while.
It has been interesting to see all the people jumping on and off the busses at the various locations in the Canadian National parks. They rush into a place like Emerald lake in Yoho, bus pulls up, they jump off, buzz around like a mass of bees, take pictures and back to the bus all in about 20 minutes.  The bus must also make them all very hard of hearing because they all talk very loudly and at the same time. The other thing we have become better at is dodging selfie-sticks... you never know what direction they will be coming from. So for 20 minutes the calm and peaceful place turns into an amusement attraction with no concern for the other people there or the rules and posted signs.  
We talked with a bus driver at one of the stops. He said that his was a 4-day tour. They start in Vancouver drive thru 5 of the Canadian National Parks, with 20 minute stops all along the way. And then back to Vancouver all in 4 days. We are on day 15 of enjoying these parks and have not yet seen all of the stops they make... 
We have found that it is best to sit back, watch, smile and get out of there way and just wait until they get back on the bus and the peace and quiet returns....until the next bus shows up.

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