Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Devils Tower National Monument

I got up this morning,  enjoyed a nice breakfast, and headed to the hot springs for a soak.  They had an outdoor pool with the 127 Degree water flowing in,  the pools temp in most places was about 104.  They allowed 20 minutes to enjoy the hot springs,  and that was just about right.  I left feeling really refreshed. 


On to Devils Tower.  I was not sure quite what to expect,  but when I arrived,  it was better than I could have imagined.  They have a 1.3 mile trail all the way around the tower so you can really see it from all sides and with the different lighting.  You really get a feel for the tower and understand how this is a sacred place for many of the Native Americans.


I actually like the Indian name better – “Bear Lodge”  The legend is that a brother and his seven sisters were out in the woods,  suddenly,  the brother changes into a bear, and starts chasing the sisters,  the sisters find an old stump that tells them to climb on top.  The stump rises towards the heavens,  as the bear claws at the sides to try to get to the sisters.  The stump rose so high that the sisters eventually became the constellation Pleiades.   With the bear (the big dipper) right behind them.


After the hike I drove to a viewpoint to watch the sun set over the tower.  After the sun set a thunderstorm rolled in,  and I got some night shots with the lightning illuminating the tower.  It was a nice night.

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