Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sturgis – Deadwood

Got up this morning to go photograph the Badlands at Sunrise,  but the clouds came in heavy last night and no sunrise this morning.  I drove the whole park and got a few shots,  but no Bighorn sheep, or any other animals to be found.


I decided to head through Sturgis just to see main street,  there were no rallys going on, so it eas a pretty dead town.  Headed towards Spearfish canyon.  On the way I went through Deadwood.  Touristy, yes, but with a little class.  This is an old western town with brick streets. 


On towards Spearfish Canyon,  first stop was Roughlock Falls. This was an impressive small falls and  definitely worth the stop.  The rest of the canyon towards Spearfish was really nice and peaceful drive.  Too bad I didn’t go this way to Rushmore instead of going through Keystone.  Next time…


The drive up to Theodore Rosevelt National Park was through the prairies of South and North Dakota.  Nothing much to see but hundreds of miles of hay bales.  The storm was coming in so not much of a sunset as I set up camp in the national park. 

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