Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Yellowstone to Thermopolis

Today I got up before sunrise to see if there was any other animals on the road.  I drove down the east side, not really seeing much besides bison.  To set the scene,  we are at a pullout,  sun is coming up, a little fog is over the meadow,  you can hear the elk bugling in the distance,  the bison grunting, and the geese cackling.  All is peaceful and right with the morning.  Then…I really can not believe how clueless and inconsiderate some people are… A guy pulls up in his ancient motor home, and fires up his generator,  We could not even hear each other talk.  So we pack up and head to other parts of the park to enjoy the peace and quiet.


I decided to go back to Artist Point,  where it started raining yesterday,  and was greeted by sun on the falls and got some terrific pictures.  I’m glad I stopped again.   What a difference a day makes in the lighting of a shot!  On the way out of the park, I got some decent bison pictures and was also able to watch a golden eagle going up and down the river.  It was a little too far away to get some descent pics,  but was still a nice site to see. 


I took my time heading out of the park, and headed towards Thermopolis;  this town contains “the worlds largest mineral hot springs”  at least according to the writing on the mountain.    The state park has one free and a couple pay springs you can rejuvenate in.  The free one closed at 5:30,  so I will try that one in the morning before I head out.


A local recommended the “Front Patio Café”  I went for a burger and beer and it was excellent!


Tomorrow off to Devils Tower and on to Mount Rushmore.

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