Wednesday, August 22, 2012

End of Summer Summary

It has been a wonderful summer!  And now it’s time to get going on my big trip (and to start blogging again…)  To catch everyone up on what’s been going on,  I had incredible summer with family and friends.  I was able to spend time on the San Juan Islands finishing out a cabin,  watching eagles for many hours on end, taking hikes, seeing the fox almost daily and occasionally seeing orca whales… We were able to share the islands having family around and even some friends drop in from Texas.   We ate extremely well with all the fresh seafood and other food from the islands.  I took so many pictures it will take time to process them,  so watch the website as I continue to post more pictures of the summer travels and the Islands.
In July, I headed back to Texas. My brother and family hadn’t been there for a few years, and decided to come during the peak heat of the summer. When I left the islands, it was 52 degrees, the next day when 20 of us went to the Ranger game, It was 106….
It was a good week with everyone around,  and a little busier and noisier than the San Juan’s,  but was the first time all 4 of us (brothers, sister, and families) had been together for a few years.  It was good to see everyone.
After everyone left it was time to prepare for McKenna and Trey to go to college.  McKenna was very organized with everything she needed/wanted for college and to make her dorm uniquely hers….McKenna decided to decorate her dorm with 6 of my prints on stretched canvas.  Most of them she had converted to black and white (and are on the website…)  McKenna and I drove down with her Rav4 completely loaded… we could not even fit in an additional role of paper towels…
We got down there and got McKenna’s dorm set up after we hauled all her stuff up 3 flights of stairs in the heat… Thank goodness Javi was there to help too…  We even got McKenna’s 7 ft tall cabinet up the stairs and installed….  Then it was back to get Trey prepared and on his way to Corpus too.     After that, all I had to do was get everything wrapped up and in shape for me to start my trip.   I leave for Seattle early tomorrow morning….

Stay tuned... more posts coming... just need to find internet connections...

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