Friday, August 24, 2012

Victoria - BC Canada

We started the day with a ride on the Victoria Clipper ferry from Seattle to downtown Victoria.  Before we left I got some fruit and pastries from the little Russian bakery around the corner…  Definitely better than what they had available on the boat.   One hint… you can pick up your boarding passes the night before,  and the order you pick them up… is the order you board the boat.  We were number 206, but we found decent seats next to 6 ladies that had been traveling together for over 40 years, since they were in college together... They were lots of fun!
The ride was very nice until they decided to have us fill out the custom forms.  It was pretty bumpy around that time,  and everyone did not feel too well… including me.  They handed out some ginger candies, and I went outside for a while,  and this helped me recover quickly… and boy was I glad.  I had not been motion sick for years….

We arrived in Victoria, and it was a gorgeous day.  We walked along the water area and found a place for fish and chips.  We then walked around town for a while until it was time to get the rent car.  Hint:  Rogers chocolate has Dark Chocolate mint Ice Cream bars.  They are probably the best I ever had…  

They had a Mustang GT 5.0 convertible as an upgrade, and the weather was too nice to pass it up.   We took our time and followed the East coast.  It was nice to see San Juan Island from the Canada side.  I was had always looked toward Canada from the Islands…  then we headed up to the Brentwood Bay Resort.   Brentwood Bay is a very small resort with beautiful views of the bay.

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