Sunday, August 26, 2012

From Victoria back to San Juan Island

It was a wonderful way to start the trip!  We drove around a bit,  picked some blackberries and enjoyed the Vancouver Island a little more before we had to leave.  I turned in the Mustang and caught a cab to the ferry from Sidney back to Friday Harbor. 

I met a guy in the ferry line that was travelling around from California and had been in Victoria for a couple of days.  He was heading back to Friday Harbor to meet some friends before heading back to California.   The next night some of the actors from Island Stage Left  were performing at the Rumor Mill (they performed an incredible version of the Shakespeare play “Mid Summer Nights Dream” that I had seen back in early July)  He invited me to join them for some beers  and music the next night. 

I did join them for great music and good beer.  It was a very good night.   I stayed around the island for a couple of days to help Dad out and to get the camper ready for the trip.

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