Thursday, August 23, 2012


After an early flight to Seattle, we hit the ground running,  First we took a cab from the airport to the Doubletree Arctic Hotel.  It was a wonderful old hotel with lots of character (and really nice too!)  The staff was really friendly and gave us lots of ideas for the day. 
First we walked over to the monorail (from the 1962 World’s Fair) and took it to the area around the Space Needle and the EMP museum.  The museum was really interesting, especially the Science Fiction collection.  We ended up with a private tour of that area and Helga told us many behind the scenes stories of the items in the collection…We got to see Captain Kirks chair, covered with Tribbles...The Terminator skull.. and they had an Avatar exhibit with full size Avatar shoes you could step into… unfortunately they actually looked like they fit me…  a couple of girls were laughing and asked if they could get a pictures with me…

From there,  it was up the Space Needle for incredible view of the whole area.  On the way up we even were able to look down into the new Chihuly gardens.  We chose not to go this time,  mainly because I had just spend a lot of time photographing the ones in the Dallas Arboretum (on the website).  The view from the top was definitely worth the trip.  From there it was on to Pikes Market and then over to Ivan’s for dinner.  It was a good day in Seattle,  We did all the touristy stuff but had a great time.  Not a normal day for me away from cities,  but that will come soon enough…  Pics will be posted to the website of the day in Seattle soon

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