Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hetch Hetchy and Half Moon Bay

Today,  I woke up and hiked to the Hetch Hetchy dam to get sunrise pictures over the water. I also hiked around the lake a little and then headed towards SFO to pick up another friend that was joining me for the next few days.   I made it to SFO, a little early and headed to Costco for supplies.  I picked him up and we went to Trader Joes for the rest of the food for the week. 


I had already driven from Yosemite this morning, and he got up early to fly in.  So we decided to go to Half Moon Bay State Beach for the night.  It was only about 11 miles away,  easy drive we thought.  NOT!  Little did we know that there was a Pumpkin Festival at Half Moon Bay.  It took us 1.5 hours to go 9 miles,  but it was nice scenery and gave us a chance to talk.


We got down to the beach,  and there was a line.  The ranger was turning away all the RV’s in front of us saying that they were full.   She told us she was full,  and we thanked her and asked if there was anywhere else close to camp.   She must have dealt with a number of unpleasant people that day, and we think it kind of surprised her we were nice about being turned away.  She walked around the truck and kept looking at us.  I mentioned that we were less than 21 ft long,  and by the time we got up to the window,  she had found a site for us to stay.  And what a wonderful site it was,  not many people around and a great view of the beach and ocean.


We took a short walk to the beach and even got in the water for a bit,  then headed back to grab a beer and start a fire. We walked down and enjoyed the sunset.  Then I cooked chicken on the grill, and did the roasted vegetables over the fire, had a few more beers and had a great night.

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