Monday, October 1, 2012

Redwoods and Wineries

Sorry about the delay everyone,  Its now 10/20 and I realize I haven’t posted anything for almost 3 weeks.  I haven’t been eaten by a bear or anything and am still having a blast! Some friends have flown in and joined me in my adventures,  so I took a little vacation from blogging and going through pictures to spend time with them.   I will be catching up over the next few days.  Now back to the what I have been doing since the first of October…

I continued down the road along the Avenue of the Giants.  And much to my surprise, guess what another winery,  in the middle of the redwoods,  so I had to stop.  The place is named RiverBend Cellars, and is in Myers Flat, CA.   The wines were very good and Don was a great help in telling me other wineries to hit on the way.  I bought a Sasquatch Red from him (was good and I liked the label…)

I finished out the Avenue of the Giants and headed south to Highway 1 along the California Coast.  To get there from 101 it was a road full of curves for about 25 miles,  I could hardly get over 15 to 20 miles per hour.  It sure was fun,  just would have been a little easier in a sportscar instead of the truck and camper (but they did fine).  As I hit the California coast, I could actually see it this time,  actually the first time the whole trip without fog.  And just as I saw the water,  the Beach Boys “Surfin’ USA” came on my random music.  Nice coincidence.



I continued down the coast till I found the first winery.  The Pacific Star Winery is on the coast with incredible view (and incredible wine). It is just north of Fort Bragg.   I liked a number of their wines and the one I really liked was called “Dad’s Daily Red”  which was a blend.  I bought a bottle (actually 4),  got some cheese and salami, and went back to the camper and made a plate of mozzarella caprese,  and took my wine to enjoy the view.  I met a really nice couple from Jackson Hole (near the Grand Tetons) and we talked about Sonoma and Napa wineries and enjoyed the wine and the view.   

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