Sunday, September 30, 2012

Avenue of the Giants – Humboldt State Park

I woke this morning and took my time as my last morning in my redwood grove of the past 3 days.  I stopped in Eureka at the coop for some groceries,  and they had free wifi,  so,I hung out there in the parking lot for a while and got pictures posted to the website.


Then headed south to the Avenue of the Giants to see even more redwoods.  Avenue of the Giants is a scenic drive that parallels 101 for an incredible drive through the redwoods for 31 miles. This one is paved, and just a nice relaxing drive.  I stopped by Founders grove, and was able to see one of the giants that fell in 1991 due to wind.  It was something else to be able to walk the length of one of these fallen giants and understand how big and tall they really are (over a football field in length)


I ended up at Humboldt Redwoods state park for the night camped between younger versions of these giants.    This campsite was interesting,  because these are second growth trees.  There were a number of the old giant stumps that had been cut down and like over 6 foot tall tombstones.  It was still great to be able to camp just feet from these redwoods.

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