Saturday, September 15, 2012

Columbia River, WA Wine country

Today was another one of those unexpected days,  where things could not go this well if I planned it; which I don’t (plan that is…I kind of have a general direction and see what the road brings me).  I woke up in a gorgeous campground “Crow Butte Park”  This is  a great little park on the Columbia river that previously was a State Park, but is now managed by Port of Benton.  When I got there last night,  The Port of Benton manager, and the camp host were incredible,  Even though all the signs said full both were very helpful in finding me a spot to camp.  The next morning, the camp host said if I needed a place tonight,  she would find me something.  It is always so nice to come across friendly people like this.

I took my time getting ready this morning because the wine tastings did not start till 11.  And I didn’t need to start drinking (sorry, tasting…) before that.  At the suggestion of the Columbia Crest Ladies,  I first went up the road to the Alexandria Nicole (at Destiny Ridge Vineyard). 
They were closed to tastings,  but I poked my head in, and Matt (the Assistant Winemaker) gave be a brief tour of the winery.  It was so nice of him to take the time because it is in the middle of their busy season, and he was dealing with some winery issues.  He even gave me some wine to “taste” later.   Please visit their website at and buy some of their wine!

Next was off to see the ladies again at Canoe Ridge Estate for more tastings.  They were working at this tasting room today.  I did not know that the Columbia Crest “family” produced so many different wines.  Their group of wineries include Columbia Crest, Chateau Ste. Michelle, Domaine Ste. Michelle, 14 hands( which I has become my “everyday” wine over the past year, Trey and I bought a case this summer), Canoe Ridge Estate, Cold Creek and I am sure many others… These are the ones I have tried.  I tasted a few and found a new favorite champagne (I know officially you can’t call it champagne because it did not come from champagne region in France,  but I like champagne better than “Sparkling wine”, so they are all champagne to me!)  The Domaine Ste. Michelle LUXE 2006 is it!

Well it was time for lunch,  so I went back to the camper and fixed some Fresh Mozzarella with tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and some Triscuits.  I thought what a perfect lunch overlooking the vineyards and the river with a glass of my new favorite champagne.   I also made a plate for the ladies too.  We had a very nice lunch.

They recommended I stop at Mary Hill Winery on the way.   I got there about 3:45 and it was a mad house, and they were closing the tasting room early today because they were having a concert at their amphitheater tonight.  Huey Lewis and the News was playing tonight.  Well I was already here, and why not?  I might as well enjoy the concert!  I was able to get tickets to sit on the grass.  I parked the truck camper in the back corner of the parking lot with an incredible view of the vineyards and the Columbia River and waited for the concert to begin.  The concert was a lot of fun seeing all these 40 and 50 something’s drink way too much and just enjoy themselves.  After the  concert I headed to the camper.  There were signs all over for no overnight parking,  so I got in my camper and decided to wait out the traffic.  I fell asleep,  but never got a knock on the door telling me I had to move.  So this was my place for the night.   What a nice day!

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