Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Okanagan Wine Country

I woke up next to Lake Okanagan.  The campsites in BC are some of the best maintained sites I have ever seen.  They even have a sprinkler system at each site to keep the grass looking nice.  Every site is perfectly level, and they even rake it between campers so it looks like you’re the first one to ever camp there.  They cost $30 per night,  but worth it,  especially since I am only paying for about every other night.

I decided to take some time this morning to do my first real DIY project on the camper.  I had a 300 watt Pure Sine Wave DC-AC inverter that I kept hooking up via clips to the power supply and having to unhook before I got on the road. This allows me to plug in things like my laptop which will not work through a cigarette lighter connection…  Like any project this took a lot longer than expected.  They really cram everything in to maximize space,  and Lance does a really good job with a that. The problem is there is absolutely no room to work on anything… it took me a couple hours to basically hook up a positive wire to the power board and a negative wire to ground.  Luckily they had one spot left open in the grounding wire strip.   I got it all permanently installed and wires routed behind the panels and I am good to go …  Nice to get that one done, it has been on the list for a while.
Well it is Okanagan wine country,  so I had to try some of the local wineries…BC wineries are a lot smaller and they are everywhere in the Okanagan Region.   The first one I tried was “8th Generation Vineyard”  the sparkling “Frizzante” was good and had to pick up a bottle.  She also recommended other vineyards I should stop and visit.  Their website is The next one was Silk Scarf.  At this one they had a cherry wine made from the cherries they grow on the estate, I had to get that one.   One other winery I stopped at along the way was Nobel Ridge.  The two women pouring wine were delightful and the views were amazing.  Make sure to check this one out too.

I went to a few more along the way until I came to ROAD 13 Vineyards.   I started at the normal tasting room, but then they said we could go back with the owner to the executive tasting room and try their premium wines… This was definitely the way to go.  I have never really cared for a Chenin blanc,  but they had the best one I have ever tasted… anywhere… unfortunately it was only available to wine club members (and you have to buy 2 cases to be a member…) They had sold out of all their Pinot Noir,  but I would have loved to try them.  I did buy a Chardonnay and one of their Sparkling Chenin 09.  I didn’t get to try that one,  but if anything like the other,  it will be incredible…   Stop by Road 13 if you are in the area.  It has some of the best wines in the region and the views are incredible!

I just can't seem to waste any wine when I go on these tastings,  so I finish every single glass put in front of me…someone has too…. At Road13 I tried 16 different wines,  and along with the 7 other wineries I  had been to during the day…. I was more than done….  I asked the owner if there was a place close I could park for the night and he showed me a place between the vineyards just down the hill from his place.   It was level and had one of the best views I have had on the trip (and I have had a bunch this trip…)  That is one of the nicest things about the truck camper… I’ve said it before,   I can park for the night with million dollar views, and it doesn’t cost a cent… and I don’t have to drive after too much wine…. 
I only made it 60 miles today… oh well… it was a really good day with lots of wine… Maybe tomorrow I can make it a little closer to Glacier… I thought it would only take me a couple of days to get across Canada to Glacier… but I have found to many fun things to do,  it’s really nice not to have a schedule.. tomorrow is day 5 in Canada, and I’m not even half way to Glacier……

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