Friday, September 7, 2012

Kokanee Creek again...

Well I really liked this park.  I got to see a bear! 
This morning I got up early to go for a walk as the sun was coming up.  I walked along the lake and saw a bunch of osprey out for their morning fishing.  I also got to see an immature bald eagle as it flew away with a fish.

I went back to start downloading pics, and to try to catch up on the blog.  I then went by the visitor center and they had a fantastic wifi connection.   The goal was to post about the bear and get the pictures on the website for everyone to see.  After a few hikes here and there,  looking for the bear again (I did not find…) and watching the Osprey fish some more.  I decided to keep going with the blog and to get all caught up!  With the blog that is…  I still have a lot of work on pictures to be loaded to the website… they will be coming soon….  I got another campsite… and maybe tomorrow I will make it Waterton/Glacier National Park… the goal 7 days ago!  We will see….

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