Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I decided to drive the east side of Glacier NP today.  I have now been everywhere, in the parks except for the southwest corner (maybe another time).  The East side is very different than the west side of the park.   The day started by going through where there had been fires a few years back.  It was interesting to see how everything had recovered since then, but there was still a lot of dead burned trees across the landscape.  I decided to head up towards Bowman lake for the day.  I got to Polebridge and started the very rough 6 mile road to the lake.  After about a mile,  the road was so bumpy,  I decided not to shake my whole house to pieces anymore and I turned around.  The Tundra would have done fine,  and I’m sure the camper would too,  but I have many more miles to go, I  decided not to chance it this time (it was really rough).

On the way back I stopped for some blackberry wine and a burger at “Home Ranch Bottoms” up near Polebridge.  If you are every up the east side, its worth a stop here.    Then I headed back to reserve a campsite for the night.

Well by now you’re probably wondering why the title of this post is “Maids”.    Well I decided it needed to be cleaning day!  No, I did not have maids,  and why would I with only 100 square feet.   I did need to give the place a good cleaning and do laundry though.  It has been a couple weeks since I let dad off,  and I needed to do all the sheets towels and all my clothes.  Between everything,  I ended up having 5 washer loads  (I took too many clothes so I didn’t have to do laundry that often….)  I had not been to a laundromat for years,  and it was kind of nice to get it all done at one time.  (I don’t remember it being $2.50 per load though).  So now everything is clean (sheets, towels, and clothes) for the next part of my trip!  But how many places do you get a laundromat with a view?
One other thing I got fixed today was my hot water problem (no I have not mentioned it in the blog yet).  The hot water would be on for about 10 seconds,  then it would go luke warm,  kind of annoying when you are taking a shower (but in BC,  the campground had so nice showers it did not bother me).  I had checked all the connections over the week,  checked to make sure the hot water heater bypass valve was not partially open, and everything else I could think of.  It was driving me crazy because I really wanted a long hot shower…. So I called Princess Craft Campers (where I bought my Lance in Pflugerville) to see if they had any suggestions.  Even after the sale, their support is INCREDIBLE!  I was on the phone with Brandon for a while trying to figure out what could be causing this (it worked fine in May with Trey’s trip)  We went through everything,  and finally he remembered one where the outside shower was causing leakage problems between the hot and the cold.  THAT was it!  I disabled the outside shower and everything worked great!  Thank you for the support!  And for keeping me from tearing out and replacing every valve on the hot water heater!  

If anyone reading is ever in the market for a truck camper or trailer,  it is definitely worth the drive to Pflugerville to talk to Princess Craft.

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