Sunday, September 2, 2012

Trip alone begins… Up to BC, Canada

Last night after dropping off dad,  I just pulled into a neighborhood that was under construction, not far from the ferry landing.  It’s really interesting to be able to just pull into a neighborhood, where they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a view,  and just be able to park on the street and enjoy it for the night with no one bothering you.   I didn’t even really go that stealth,  all the window shades were open….so I could enjoy the view too…
So... I was off for my trip.  General direction was to head to Glacier National Park.  I decided to do this via Canada.  Should only take 2 or 3 days...  I had never seen Whistler, and thought that might be a good way to go… Before heading out,  I needed to stock with food and supplies… Costco, Target and Fred Meyer ( a grocery store) and I was off towards Canada!   I headed up I-5 towards Vancouver. The border crossing took about 20 minutes,  but all went relatively smooth.

I by-passed Vancouver, and headed toward Whistler.  The drive was gorgeous along the coast.  I took my time and enjoyed the pull offs.  I stopped at Shannon Falls.  This is a 350 meter water fall and was very nice,  except for the tons of people…. I did not know it was Labor day in Canada too.  There were people everywhere… they don’t see sunny and 70 degrees very often and all of Vancouver must have headed out to the parks.   I found a campground called Alice Lake.   Of course everything was full, but I got talking with the Park Ranger woman,  and she said that even though it was full… she thought someone that had reserved the night had just left.  I was lucky and she let me in to have the very nice campsite for the night!   The campground even had showers… Even though the camper has a good shower,  it was nice to take a very long hot shower without worrying about dumping the grey water and filling the water tank… simple pleasures….  I cooked a nice bison steak and had a glass of really good wine to celebrate my first day alone on the trip!  Not bad for the first day…

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