Friday, September 21, 2012

Mail… and Propane leak

About 2:00 in the morning,  I get woken up by, what I thought at the time was the Co2 detector,  I had forgotten to crack a window and the vent.  I was wondering what type of dream I was having to breath so much, but nothing like getting waken up by a screaming alarm to knock whatever chance I had of remembering the dream right out of my head.  I hope it did not bother the neighbors too bad.  I finally got it calmed down and 5 minutes later,  off it goes again.  I vented the camper, and turned off the propane (just in case because it is a dual Co2 and Propane detector) and eventually went back to bed.

The next morning,  I got up and read more on the detector to find out what was going on.  It ended up being the propane that was causing the problem (good thing I shut it off last night!).  There is a different scream for Co2.  So now my goal was to find the leak,  hopefully myself,  so I could have my refrigerator, stove and heater.  I made the standard soap solutions and started putting it on the fittings.  The first one was it!  This was the piece between the tank and the regulator, for some reason, it had a very small leak.  I took off the part and headed to the True Value hardware in Florence to hopefully find the parts. They had them.   I didn’t install then, because I was meeting a friend and x-co-worker for lunch and didn’t want to be too late ( I ended up getting delayed over an hour  because of construction and was late anyway…).

I had not been to Eugene, OR the whole time I was with the company, so why not now.  Lunch was great and was good to catch up.  It was kind of strange being in an office environment again.  I was able to connect and get a number of pictures posted to the website.  More were posted from Canada, and Glacier, and Waterton Lakes.  Check it out when you get a chance.

Another part of this stop was to get my mail. I have wonderful neighbors!  One of them is getting my mail and sending it when I figure out where I'm going to be a few days ahead of time.  I had not seen my mail since the middle of August. With everything online now, there is not much need more than about once per month. 

Next was on towards Crater Lake.  Part way there I stopped at Trapper Creek Campground, in the Deschutes National Forest.  I stopped early enough to get the new propane hose all hooked up and tested out.  It worked great, without any more leaking.  Really nice to get that done and not to have to worry about propane or middle of the night alarms any more.  I built a fire,  got a beer, and started going through my mail.  Funny, after over a month,  about the only thing I needed in there was a renewal for my license and the registration on my truck.  The rest was mainly junk and a few magazines (and a bunch of credit card offers).  I don’t have a shredder in the camper,  so the fire works even better.  Junk mail burns Great!   On towards Crater Lake tomorrow…

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