Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Silver Lakes State Park

I woke up this morning and looked at the Silver Falls State Park hikes and decided that was a great way to start the day.   The park has 10 waterfalls on a hiking loop.  About 9 am I headed out to hike and photograph some of the falls.  I have included pictures of a couple of the falls.  I decided to hike about 5 miles just taking my time to enjoy the falls and the hike before  I headed back to camp.

I went for a little drive around the area;  some of the farms aren’t quite what you would think of as “normal” farms.  There were Christmas tree farms everywhere,  all planted in perfect rows like other crops,  and each field was a different size of trees.  I don’t know how long it takes to grow the trees to be ready for harvest,  but it was interesting to see.    It was also interesting to see a farm they did not harvest,  Not sure what happened, but I have never seen a forest with perfectly spaced trees before.
The other farm I passed was a grass seed farm.  The sign said “we ship worldwide”.   Christmas trees and grass seeds have to come from somewhere,  I just hadn’t seen them before.

I was going to go see wineries today,  but just never quite got there and decided to enjoy the park for the day…  and talk with a few friends back home.   I plan on seeing the wineries tomorrow….

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