Saturday, September 29, 2012

Redwoods Day 2. – Hiking by Truck

I stayed in the same site,  and got up a leisurely pace again,  just enjoying my surroundings.  I decided to explore more of the park, by truck this time.  First I stopped at “The Big Tree”.   This is only one of many (I saw many of these on my hike), but this one is near the road,  so there is a little park next to this one.  This particular tree is 304 ft tall, 21.6 ft in diameter,  68 ft in circumference, and over 1500 years old.


Next I did the Coastal drive Loop.  Most of these roads say no RV’s or trailers for good reason.  But they are fine for the truck camper.   This would have been a really nice drive with coastal view,  but because of the fog,  all I really got to see was the road,  at one point I could barely make out the surf.  Maybe next time.


Then I headed toward the Howland Hill Road in the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.  This is a 10  mile dirt road (I hadn’t washed the outside of the truck and camper yet…)  This road or should I say trail was incredible.   I think my truck was feeling left out, yesterday for the first time since Mt Rainier,  she didn’t move for the day.  I think she was a little jealous that I got to go on such a long hike yesterday.  
This trail was like hiking by truck!   At one point,  there were 2 giant redwoods, that when we passed between them,  there was only 2 inches clearance on the mirrors on both sides.  We took our time and just enjoyed everything around (much like yesterday,  but with my truck!)  If you could do only one thing in the redwoods (and why would you even do that to yourself)  this trail would be it!  Actually yesterday’s trail would be it too!

Now the truck and camper are covered in even more dust so time for a long needed wash and vacuum.  It took about 10 dollars to get everything washed down and get all the dirt, ash and dust off, but now we are finally all clean again.  I headed back to the same campsite for the 3rd night in a row among the redwoods (this has never happened, 3 nights in one place).  Tomorrow I need to leave this site to head down to pick up a friend in San Francisco in a few days,  but I am not done with the redwoods yet!

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