Monday, September 3, 2012

Whistler and Olympic park

Today I got up at the campground and started thinking about/typing  the blog again  (I needed to catch up from the beginning of the trip and hope to sometime find an internet connection to start posting again) … I didn’t even leave the incredible campground till about 12:00….  It was a really nice camping in the old growth forests at Alice Lake campground… Next I stopped at Brandywine falls, it was a short hike to a 70 meter falls.  It was really nice and beautiful,  the way the sun was hitting it, there was even a rainbow in the mist.

Next was off to Olympic park where the 2010 Olympics were held.  I went to the biathlon area and was able to shoot the biathlon guns at the targets 50 meters away.  I hit 4 out of 5 of the targets.  For those of you not familiar with the biathlon,  it is a strange winter sport where they cross country ski with a gun on their back.  Occasionally, they have to stop and shoot the gun at 5 targets at 50 meters way,  if they miss,  they have to do a penalty lap for each miss….
Next, at the suggestion of the biathlon guide,  I hiked up the mountain to the top of the ski jumps.  It  was quite a climb, but was a very nice few from the top got some nice photos between the jumps.

Then it was off to Whistler village for some beers and dinner.  During dinner, I just watched all the people climbing all over the Olympic rings and taking pictures.  There were way too many people there, so it was time for me to go find a quiet place for me to camp for the night (they would not let me sleep in the parking lot….)   I found a forest road and took it 2K up to a trailhead on a pretty rough dirt road  (good thing for the Tundra!)… The parking lot was nice and level and away from everyone…  so this was my spot for the night…..  I didn’t make it very far towards Glacier today,  only about 50 miles total,  but it was really nice not to have to be anywhere and to enjoy whatever interesting crosses my path…  On towards Glacier tomorrow…. 

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