Saturday, September 8, 2012


I got up early and saw to see the sunrise and the Osprey and the eagles coming down to fish.  What a wonderful way to spend the morning before a long drive to Waterton Lakes National Park (Canada side of Glacier National Park).  I got up  and packed up camp,  went to the dump station, and was on my way to catch the ferry for the 45 minute ride to the other side of the lake.  Really not too much to talk about today,   so I thought I would talk about all the different smells of the day,  I know strange topic, but they were prevalent in my day today.

 On to the day of smells:

 1 – Sunrise – as I said above, and incredible way to start the new day… fresh clean mountain air, every day should start so fresh and clean.

 2 – Smoking -  After the fresh morning air, I go back to my site and all I smell is cigarette smoke,  REALLY,  some of the cleanest air on earth, and not only do they breath in smoke,  it’s so strong that it bothers the neighbors (me!)…  time to leave the site.

3 – Cattle truck-  Driving down the highway with the window down enjoying the fresh air,  and all of a sudden I thought my black water tank had backed up.  It was awful,  I had not seen any animal farms and I could not figure out what was going on for a number of kilometers ( In Canada you know.. Eh) …Then I see 2 cattle trucks in front of me on a long stretch of road.  I ended up behind them for many kilometers and drove along with my eyes watering.  Finally I pulled over to let my eyes clear so I could see again.

4 – Old Pub – I pulled into a small town and found an old pub that was part of an old hotel.  I thought some pub food at this point sounded pretty good!  I walked in and it smelled like an old pub,  but with a twist!?!?  To my surprise,  the only thing on the menu was SUSHI…  Never expected that one. 

 5 – Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lakes NP -  I walk in and it smelled distinctly British hotel – Now this is what I expected when I walked into a British pub.  The menu had Shepard’s pie, Lamb Stew, and Fish and Chips (which were wonderful).  The smell of good food and beer was a good way to end the day of smells.

The weather has been incredible all the way across BC.  Because it was so nice,  and it was Saturday (should have known better) there was not a campsite to be found,  or a hotel to check into.  So… oh well,  time for stealth mode for the camper,  I was already at the expensive hotel for dinner, and the parking lot was pretty level, so this was my place to sleep for the night… Who needs a campground?

At the end of the 300 mile drive (over 9 hours),  I finally made my destination across Canada to the first National Park on this leg of the journey  in only 8 days and about 1100 miles later (I thought it would only take about 3!)   It was a wonderful journey through BC Canada, and if you couldn’t tell,  I really enjoyed my trip!  

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