Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oregon Coast

This morning my streak of seeing sunrise over the vineyards was broken by fog, and lots of it (at least I got to see sunset!)  Got up early from my vineyard spot, and decided to leave before the tasting room opened.  So I was off to Dallas, OR for breakfast at the North Dallas Bar and Grill  (nothing like a taste of Texas home… at least the name sounded like it)  I had a great breakfast and the people working there were very nice and helped me plan the day.

On to the coast,  which was also covered in fog.  Oregon has state parks and viewpoints everywhere on the coast. 
So I picked one, and backed the camper up, and this was my lunch spot for the day.

 I kept driving down the coast stopping at most of the viewpoints along the way, trying to get the best pictures I could.  It was still a very nice and scenic day. Along the way there was a little drive called Otter Lane Drive, this paralleled the 101 and was just a nice, calm scenic drive with lots of pullouts.  It also had ripe blackberries!  This was a nice bonus and was able to eat my fill. 
They also had some cool old bridges.  I also stopped at the Devil’s punchbowl for pictures, and guess what happened to be there,  another winery,  so I guess I had to stop!  It was called the Flying Dutchman Winery,  and he only sells his wines out of this little shop.  The very nice thing was the view, with wine antiques, in his back yard.  Too bad I couldn’t get the view in the picture too (fog).   I guess I should have seen if I could have traded some of my pictures of his place for wine,  but lesson learned,  will have to try that next time.

I kept going on down the coast, stopping along the way.  One stop was the Spouting Horn blow hole.  I had always heard of them, and seen them on TV, but this is the first one I have seen in person.   A little further and I decided it was time to find a campsite for the night.  I had covered over 100 miles of coast and it was time for dinner.  I stopped at Honeyman State park for the night.

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