Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On towards Glacier…

Well I got up this morning, undisturbed at the Forest road.  It was a wonderful night.. who knew all these places to camp for free?  Here is my view this morning.
I woke up with all intentions of driving towards Glacier… but I first had to make a stop and Nairn Falls.  This falls was about a 2 mile hike along the river to the falls.  It was a great way to start the day!  The falls were beautiful…  and the hike was not crowded at all.   I took a few pics and hiked back down.


After the falls I fully planned to get on the road… I decided to stop at a visitor center to validate my route.. but the problem was that they had free wifi… I had not checked the internet in over a week… so I downloaded my emails.  Sent some emails out…  posted the first post in my blog for some time (the Aug 22nd one), and talked with some friends… 3 hours later I decided it was time for me really to do some driving… I had not driven any distance really yet since Sunday…   So I got on the road… mountain roads are beautiful… but you really cant make any time,  I covered about 250 miles.. but it took me 7 hours without much stopping.  It was really a nice drive,  good think I don’t have a schedule to keept!

About 10, it was dark and I was pretty tired.  I pulled into Okanagan lake campground.. found a spot.. and crashed hard for the night.   Maybe I will make some better time tomorrow… but who knows.. Im in Okanagan wine country…  Over 200 wineries to explore….

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