Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On towards San Francisco

Last night I stayed at Sonoma Beach State Park,  just north of Bodega Bay.  This was an interesting campsite because I camped in the sand dunes just on the other side of the beach.   I wasn’t able to get any outstanding pictures at this location,  but here is one from the campsite.  One interesting thing was waking up to the fog horn.  I met the couple from Grand Tetons at this site again,  and Doug said the foghorn was every 9.5 seconds,  it must have woken him up too…

I took my time and headed down Hwy 1 towards San Fran.  I ended up stopping for a late lunch at the Pelican Inn.  This is a little English Style tutor inn with a pub near Muir Beach, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I had the Shepard’s pie and a pint of beer.  Such a nice stop!  I like this place.

I headed on across the Golden Gate Bridge towards SFO to get prepared for my visitor that was flying in the next day.  I really didn’t get to see the bridge today due to fog,  but I will return shortly to try again….  I made my Costco and Trader Joe’s grocery runs to prepare.  I then decided see how the truck/camper would work to pick up my guest at SFO.  The camper can not fit in any of the parking garages in the airport,  and the pickup area below is a mess (I almost got hit 4 times…) So I decided to head towards Long Term parking.  They have an outdoor parking area that will accommodate the height of the camper.  They also have a shuttle bus to the terminals for tomorrow morning.  It was nice and level.  I put up my shades and this was actually a pretty nice place to park for the night, and at $18 probably cheaper than most other places to park in San Fran….

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