Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yosemite part 2 10/14 – 10/17

We got up this morning and decided to head towards Yosemite.  We took our time and decided, if we could get a campsite,  we would stay in the Valley the first night,  Drive down and stay at the Sequoia groves the second night,  and go back to the Valley for the 3rd night.   We got to the camping registration and asked if there were any sites available.  They gave us an incredible site right near the river and with a view of Half Dome. 
The weather was incredible.  We drove around the valley a little and headed back to our site for the night.   When we checked in they said this was the site Oprah stayed in when she “camped” in the park.  It was a really good site.  We set up the grill for ribeyes, and grabbed some beers and enjoyed the view.   It was interesting at night to see all the climbers with their lights on camped out on the side of Half Dome.

The next morning we went by to see if the site was available for the next couple nights, unfortunately it wasn’t.  We were heading towards the Sequoia grove, but we reserved another site in the valley for the following night.  On the way,  we stopped near El Capitan, to see if there were any climbers we could talk to  before they went up.  It was a good hike with a little more distance and elevation than we expected, but we didn’t see any climbers at this point and headed back.  Still a great way to start the day. 


We then headed on to hike the Sequoias.   We were able to see the giant Grizzly Tree, and the Tunnel Tree and then decided to head back and check out the campground.  It wasn’t near as nice as the ones in the valley,  so we headed back to the Valley hoping to get a campsite there again for the night.  The Valley was completely full so we headed back up to Hodgdon Meadows to the exact site I had camped at a few days earlier and had a nice dinner and  beers.


The next morning we decided to drive to Glacier Point.  On the way we stopped at Tunnel view for lunch,  and then headed to the top. It was very clear this time and no clouds.  On the way back down we stopped and hiked up to Sentinel Dome.  The top was at about 8300 ft, and had a 360 degree view of the whole park.  We headed back down to our campsite in North Pines for the night.  It was a great 3 days in Yosemite!

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