Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vacation 10/4 – 10/8

Well I picked up my visitor from long term parking and decided to take a vacation from picture taking (mostly) and blogging while my guest was here so that we could just enjoy the time together.  We crossed over the Golden Gate (without fog this time) hiked Muir Woods,  enjoyed Napa and Sonoma wineries ( I will do a separate post on our tour of the Hendry Winery),  stayed in Bodega Bay,  visited the school house from Hitchcock’s movie the Birds, took a pictures from of an old church in Bodega( from the same view as Ansel Adams) and got some great pics from the Golden Gate viewpoint on the Marin side.   It was a really nice vacation from my rough life of travel, blogs and photography.  We had a great time!


There is one quote I do have to put in here though… I happened to be in the camper when a guy and his friends walked by.  They saw the camper at the resort we were staying and said “I know what that is, some guy finally retired and after a few weeks,  his wife said, forget this, I want a night in a resort!”  They all laughed as they walked off,  and I laughed too.   So I made a mental note,  good resorts, great places to stealth camp….

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