Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Towards Yosemite

Well vacation is over.  After I dropped my guest at the airport,  I really had not thought about what was next.  I did my standby plan and went to Costco for gas and supplies.   I just decided to stealth camp in the Costco parking lot and to make the decision in the morning.  This morning I got up and decided I really wanted to go to Yosemite,  rat poop virus and all.  So that is the direction I headed.  It took a little over 4 hours to get there and I decided to camp at the first campground and to start exploring Yosemite in the morning.  (it turned out later,  I should have actually headed toward the valley at least for sunset, because it was really the only decent one of the week….)  I camped at Hodgdon Meadow campground, outside the valley till I could find out more about the rat poop virus.  A nice couple was in the campsite next to me and they saw me cutting wood with my hatchet and were nice enough to offer me their ax.  It was a little easier with the ax to cut the log.  I cooked a ribeye on the grill,  cooked my potato/veggie mix over the fire, and had a nice wine.  Not a bad way to start my time in Yosemite.

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