Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 2 - Mesa Verde

I woke up about 6 and started reading my journal of my trip from 1986 after I finished college.   My first stop was Albuquerque.   And then on to Durango.... I also started the journal for this trip.  We changed time zones.  It was a great night of sleep for the first night in the camper.  And for being at a truck stop...   Trey was still tired so I decided to get going with him still sleeping in the back about 7:00.

We travelled about 475 miles today.  At least the scenery was better than the day before.  We went through Albuquerque and saw the Sandia’s but did not really stop except at REI to pick up a few things.  We tried the WiFi in the parking lot and was able to purchase the Seattle/Ranger tickets through StubHub.(more details on the seats when we go to the game on the 23rd...  stay tuned)    the WiFi would not download my email so along the way, as Trey was driving,  I signed up for Verizon's Mobil hot spot.  Didn't really get to use it today though because we were in and out of coverage.

We were making good time and decided to go on to Mesa Verde.  We got there about 4:30 and drove to find our campsite.  By the time we registered and found the campsite it was too late to take the Cliff House or Balcony Tours.  The last tour for both was at 5:00.  We met a lady in the park that had taken the Balcony Tour and said it was really great because you get to “feel” how the Indians descended into the cliff dwellings.  (one ladder was over 32 feet).
We instead made it to Spruce Tree house to hike down and see the dwellings there.  That one was open to 6:30 and was about 45 min round trip.  After that we did the Mesa Loop where we were able to see 9 different dwellings from the road including Cliff House.     We also saw some of the Pit houses (what they lived at on top of the mesas).  We drove around till about sunset looking and taking pictures and then headed back to camp. 

It was a nice night without the moon.  The stars were really bright.  We cooked Boar’s Head Brats on the fire and had some Chimay’s.   Great way to end day 2.   475 miles today,  averaged about 13.5 miles per gallon.   We needed to get some sleep trip for the Durango Silverton Railway tomorrow.

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