Thursday, May 10, 2012


Welcome to the HaresPhotography blog. I will be providing information as I travel around and photograph just about anything I find interesting. My goal is to photograph mainly things occurring in nature, and National Parks but who knows what else I will find. This blog will contain some of the what happened behind the pictures and other random musings.

My website will contain most of the actual pictures.  A few pictures will be randomly placed in the blog.

I welcome comments and questions and look forward to meeting many people during my travels.

Welcome aboard!


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  1. Dave, what an incredible trip! The pictures are amazing. Love the ones of the eagles, the barn at sunrise, and the reflections pictures. The mountain shots in the Grand Tetons are beautiful too. I should have told you that the Mt. Rainier road and campsites would be closed until Memorial Day and even then there is so much snow. Maybe better to wait until some of the snow melts. The park is beautiful and I think you will have some amazing picture possibilities. Trey may want to do some of the Wonderland Trail at Mt. Rainier. It goes all the way around the mountain. Scott has only one section left to do. It's incredible. How was McKenna's graduation? Tell her we said congrats. Enjoy the San Juan's and yes, next time we get out there to visit family we'll be looking you up. One of our favorite spots to visit, and lots of memories from The San Juan Islands.