Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 5 - Grand Tetons

Stealth camping for the first time worked great. No one even knew we slept in the camper….We got up and went to have breakfast in Teton Village and we went to a little cafĂ© for a very nice breakfast.  Then we headed on into Grand Teton National Park.  On the way we saw a lot of birds, a moose, and some elk.  No bears yet…  we stopped by the visitor center to find out about backcountry backpacking for Trey and to find out about which campgrounds were open.  We found out that Trey’s backpacking can not go very high into the mountains because at about 100 feet higher,  there was still a lot of snow. The Ranger asked if Trey had an Ice Ax…  which he didn’t.   The weather was on and off Raining,  so we decided to get a campsite for a couple of nights at Signal Mountain Campground.

We found a nice campsite  (#44) not far from Jackson lake with some pretty good views of the  Tetons (whenever they decide to poke out through the clouds).    We setup camp,  There are no water or electric connections, and even though there are bathrooms there are no showers around… So we dumped the tanks on the camper and filled up with fresh water,  and decided to take a shower for the first time in the camper.  I am not sure why I put that off for so long it was really much better than I expected.  The hot water was really hot, and because the shower space is so small,  it turns into a steam shower really quickly.  Trey and I both took too long of showers but it was really nice and relaxing.  We used about half of the freshwater tank… but no big deal, the dumps station for the grey water is not far away and we can always get more fresh water there.  I did some processing on all the pictures and hope to get some uploaded to the website soon.  We had a great Ribeye Steak dinner on the grill and had macaroni and cheese and corn, and of course a couple good beers.   We then went over to watch the sunset on the Tetons over lake Jackson,  it was a great way to finish the day.

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