Thursday, May 24, 2012

Final Day - Summary of Trip

So… 2800 miles and 10 days later we make in to the San Juan Islands.  It was a great trip and nice to spend that much time with Trey.  We saw incredible places and hopefully I got some good pictures.   Hard to believe we can do that much in 10 days:  Camp in a Loves Parking lot,  Mesa Verde, Durango Silverton Train, Learn about camping in National Forests, “stealth camp” in a Teton Village,  3 nights in Grand Tetons,  camp in a Snake River Canyon, a Washington state park, see a Ranger game, and on to the Islands.  It was a lot nicer than last year where we did the whole trip in 4 days…  We also got to know more of the capabilities of the truck and camper.  It can pretty much do what ever I want it to do.  We went over 11000 feet,  up and down no problems  (with sometimes over 10% grade),  we went off road a couple times.  And at the trucks checkup, it passed with flying colors.  There was not even hardly any brake wear and the trucks in great shape.

Not much today, first day on the islands has to be on island time… which moves really slow. We got some groceries and picked up some fresh crab for dinner. Trey met with Sea Quest to find out his schedule and to get ready for his first trip out tomorrow. We also found a place to park the camper for the summer so we can use the truck. Nice day and we finished the day with crab, artichoke, and roasted potatoes for dinner. 

If you find yourself on San Juan Island, WA, and want to sea kayak (many times with the orca whales),  check out and ask for a trip with Trey!  (I know… shameless plug… but Trey says I am his best marketing rep…)
I head back to Coppell on Sunday for McKenna's graduation, so it may be a while before I post again.  Thanks for reading along for the first part of the trip!

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