Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 9 - Road to Seattle

A beautiful sunrise this morning in the Snake River Canyon.  We got up this morning ready to make the 900 mile trek towards Seattle. Today we cover the rest of Idaho, a little bit of western Oregon, and on into Washington State.  The original plan was to go to see and camp at Mount Rainier for the night, but luckily I did some digging on my Droid (while Trey was driving) and found out that most of the roads were still closed due to snow and that NONE of the campgrounds were open (they opened this coming Memorial Day weekend).  So…  we needed to stay somewhere else for the night.  I found a Washington State park called Lake Easton about 70 miles from Seattle and that was our goal for the day.  
As we were driving the maintenance light came on in the Tundra,  So, I decided to see if there were any Toyota Dealerships near the Seattle baseball stadium. We found one and they said we could drop the truck for its 15K maintenance,  and they have a shuttle that could take us and pick us up from the game.  They were not sure if the camper could stay on the truck for the maintenance or not, but would decide in the morning.  (Need to listen to those little things that occur, like warning lights... Parking would have been a pain in the camper for the ballgame in downtown during the week... so we didnt even have to pay for parking..)
It was a long day of driving and there really was not much to look at in western Idaho, Oregon, nor eastern Washington,  but we had a good day.  We made it to Lake Easton for the night.  Tomorrow on to Seattle to see the Ranger game, get the truck serviced, and then maybe on to the islands?

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