Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 8 - Road from Tetons to Snake River Canyon

Today we got up early for sunrise pictures.  Or I guess I should say I got up...  Trey slept till about 10:30 even through multiple shooting locations.  My first stop was a barn on Antelope Flats road with the whole Tetons range behind it.  They say this is the most photographed barn in the world.
Then I headed to the Snake River Overlook.  This is where Ansel Adams took his famous picture.   Then on towards Dubois to the Buffalo Valley Road, one of the photographers told me there was an Osprey nest about even with the road.  I stopped and watched and photographed them for a couple of hours.  At one point there were 3 Osprey in the one nest.    While I was there, a man stopped by to photograph the osprey also.  We had a nice talk while enjoying the beautiful scenery and the birds.  He was a fire chief for Disney for many years. We talked about Disney and Levi's and it was really interesting how similar the company's had changed between when they were family run and when others came in as CEO and changed the "feel" of the company.

From there we drove back to Jackson, enjoying the magnificent Tetons for the last time, and started our trek towards Seattle.  We decided to take the non-freeway route through Idaho and it was a good choice.  We took Hwy 20 across and decided to stop at the Rapture Conservation area, about 400 miles from the Tetons.  On the way we passed the Craters of the Moon Nat Mon.  And that was really strange.  It really did look like the moon.  Barely any life and lava rock chunks and pillars for miles.   We finally arrived at the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area (that's a mouthful)  and all that was there was a nature trail in the middle of the Idaho desert.  No visitor center, or campground or anything...  luckily we decided to walk the trail and there was an overlook to the Snake River and the canyon below.  We saw some different raptors, and decided the canyon, hundreds of feet below, would make a great campsite for the night, and it was.  Great thing about the truck camper is we can camp anywhere.  No camping fees tonight and beautiful scenery right next to the Snake River.  Tomorrow, on towards Seattle.  

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