Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 6 - Grand Tetons (2)

We woke up in the morning and had some breakfast.  Then decided where we were going to hike for the day.  Trey could not wait to try out his new backpack and gear for an overnight.  We went to the ranger station and got Trey his back country camping permits.  He decided to do 2 separate overnight trips.  We left for the hike from the String Lake Trailhead,  hiked around Jenny lake and up to Hidden falls and then up to Inspiration Point.  The trails were really good to this point, and the falls were amazing.  We decided to go up from Inspiration Point and take the back country trail  back down to Jenny Lake. There were marmots and chipmunks everywhere.  The chipmunks were not afraid of anyone,  While were sitting at one of the lookout points,  two chipmunks came around to see what we had,  they even kept running under my boots,  no fear at all.

  We came across and snow avalanche area that wiped out every tree and everything else in its path.  The devastation was hard to believe.  We found a ribbon on the avalanche marking the trail and headed that way sliding down the snow.  Well that was the last we ever saw of any trail.  By that time it was too late to go back up the snow so,  with Trey’s Trusty GPS trail tracker (on the Iphone) we knew we could make it back down to the trail and lake.   We followed some streams and some game trails.  Part way down,  Trey goes “look” and we had just walked by two moose.  They were just standing there looking at us about 100 feet away.  This kind of freaked out Trey, because we didn’t even know the moose was there,  it could just as easily been a bear….  So he put the bear spray on his chest and we headed on down till we hit the trail. 

We finished the trail, and just before the parking lot Trey went off for his overnight adventure.  We had hiked 7.7 miles (per Trey’s tracker)  and Trey still had 4.8 miles left to go up to his campsite at Bearpaw Lake.  He let me know that he arrived safely about 7:30.  I will meet him tomorrow at noon (or when he calls).     I went and took some different pictures around the Tetons,  and headed back to the campground at Signal Mountain for the night.

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