Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 1 – Monday May 14

The day finally arrived to start the trip.  My great adventure.  And I am fortunate enough to be able to take the trip with my son Trey.  The trip has been months / years in preparation.  It is strange for me to not have every leg of the trip planned out.  We did not even decide where to go until the night before we left.  All we knew was that we were leaving on the 14th and had to be on San Juan Island, WA on the 24th.  We knew we wanted to spend time in the Grand Tetons for Trey to backpack and for me to take pictures...  for the first stop we decided to go to Durango to catch the train.  Late the night before.  I made reservations for the Presidential car on the way up and for first class on the way back.  

We got up in the morning and finished packing and finally left at about 3:00 pm.   I had only about 3 hours sleep the night before but was full of energy to finally get underway.   We took turns driving and switching every 100 miles or so.  About 11:00, Trey was asleep. And I was getting tired so we pulled over in Tucumcari NM and slept at a Loves truck stop for the night. The great thing about travelling with a truck camper is you can pull over anywhere and your home (and bed) is with you.   We drove about 450 Miles today and averaged about 10.5 miles per gallon today

I really like the attitude of having the freedom to take life as it comes.  What wonderful start to just think about the train and have that be our first stop.  Today we were talking about baseball and thought wouldn't it be nice to catch a game in Seattle on the way up on the 23rd....  so we started looking and you would not believe who Seattle is playing that day....  the RANGERS...  so we have to get tickets!

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